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Rabu, 19 September 2012

The lasting fighting with exam!

Second day in final exam, the schedule is english and PKN... *shock*
Finally the english exam passed, i go out from my class to 7d class.. I approached Sika and friends the i shouted "The question is very nice!!" and they just laughing=))
after that we are continue for PKN exam!!
The next day, the exam is Sains and a Javanese subject:| *unconscious* I finished physics in my burned brain condition :s then i out from class with my shout "GUE HARUS BILANG WOR!!" *fan my head please._.*
Did you know javanese? It is freak!:x i did this exam while moving the window.. I thought by doing little calm down this #:-s
The fourth day exam math and TIK:-) what?! Mathematics?!! *oh boy* its about phytagoras up three dimension:3 i felt my brain flaming.. TIK? What happen with TIK? Fortunately i could finish well :p *lie*
But the night before there's chatting like this...
Sika: "Lks tik dikumpul ya?:o" Gue: "oiya! aku baru inget! Astaga muaaah:3" Sika: "Bu muaaaah:3 ah ga urus gue belajar dr catetan aja u,u" Gue: "iya gue juga, tapi gue jarang nyatet:|" Sika: "iya catetan gue juga dikit u,u" The next morning.... jengjeng..
TIK? So easy (y) *dipa mode on*
The last day!!!! IPS waw*.* Ips? Ummm.... *smelling something* it's like fire from.......... My brain.. Oh my God:" hoping will be end soon:3
When repair my brain with full service._.

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